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SAH2010 Helmet Standard Use in Automotive Sports

Some helmets may include hardware for the attachment of tethers intended to limit the forward motion of the head. In frontal impacts, such tethers may bear much of the inertial load of the head and helmet potentially reducing the stresses to the wearer’s cervical spine and the base of the skull. This addendum describes a particular hardware configuration intended for this purpose and sets requirements for its load bearing capabilities.  Headgear meeting all the requirements set elsewhere for SA2010 and which also meet the requirements set forth in this addendum will be eligible for SAH2010 certification labels indicating FHR (frontal head restraint) capability.

Frontal head restraint requires additional equipment which may not be provided with the headgear. To get the maximum benefit, take care to select an appropriate frontal head restraint system and see that it is properly configured. Please contact the Foundation for a current list of those frontal head restraint systems deemed appropriate for use with helmets meeting this addendum.

Requirements for Certification

If samples of the same model and size range are simultaneously being submitted for SA2010 certification and all are configured with tether attachment hardware, then a single additional sample configured for the largest appropriate head form is necessary.   Otherwise, two complete samples equipped with tether attachment hardware and configured for the largest appropriate head form are required for FHR testing.