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CMR Helmet Standard for Children's Motorsports

For Use in Children’s Motor Sports Activities

    In motor sports accident, participants may suffer injury or death.  Helmets on the market today offer varying degrees of protection, but the consumer has little basis for judging the relative effectiveness of a given model. This Standard presents rational methods for identifying those helmet models which definitely meet specified standards for impact (crash) protection and retention system strength and, afterwards, identifying  those which definitely have ceased to meet these standards.

    The Snell Memorial Foundation and the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) urge that protective helmets be required for all individuals participating in supervised racing events and encourage the general public to wear helmets which meet appropriate performance standards1.  To this end, the Snell Memorial Foundation and the FIA jointly announce this Standard for children’s motor sports helmets.

          This Standard does not establish construction and material specifications.  

    This Standard establishes performance characteristics suitable for children’s use in motor sports involving motorcycles, power boats, karting, all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.  Manufacturers voluntarily submit helmets to be tested to this Standard and if the submitted helmets pass, a certification is issued.

    The Snell Memorial Foundation and the FIA will make available the identity of those products which have been certified. These products are for both competition and general use for the age categories and activities specified.

    All of the requirements described herein, including both initial certification and random sample testing, are an integral part of this Standard.  No helmet can satisfy the Standard unless it is subject to both certification and random sample testing.

    Snell/FIA certification for protective headgear requires a specific contractual agreement between the primary headgear manufacturer and the Foundation.  Certification procedures may be obtained upon application to the Foundation.

    SNELL MEMORIAL FOUNDATION is a registered certification mark.   CMH (Children’s Motor Sports Helmet) is a certification mark jointly held by the Snell Memorial Foundation and the FIA.