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The ride is about to begin. The rider steps onto his bike, claps his hands and pats his leather gloves for good luck. He lifts his helmet and secures the strap, puts on his goggles and guns the engine, feeling the full extent of its power as it roars. The engine primed, it’s time to feel the wind on his face, feel the way the road winds and tastes real speed in real time. With his helmet securely in place, he knows he’s got a great ride ahead.

For riders who care about achieving their personal best in speed, technique and sheer road experience, the security of a great helmet is a number one priority. That’s why having the right motorcycle helmet parts for that key piece of equipment, the helmet, is so crucial. Here at The Helmet Man, we’ve got all the right pieces and all the right elements for outfitting a helmet so it’s ready for the road and ready for the rider. A great helmet is an investment in safety and an investment in the rider, so it pays to keep it in shape and outfit it with every accessory needed. Let’s take a look at some of the key motorcycle helmet parts from top makers available here at The Helmet Man.

Visibility is the key to a safe and successful ride, which is why The Helmet Man offers a wide range of visors and face shields to complete a quality helmet. Bell is one of the top makers of highest quality motorcycle helmet supplies, and this company offers all kinds of options in shields to keep the face and eyes well protected. The Quick Release Shield from Bell features a unique NutraFog II coating that is anti-fog and anti-scratch. This coating keeps out 99% of UV rays to provide huge protection and a clear view of the trail. The Bell Click Release Snow Shield Kit includes a double shield, snow hinge plates, and a breath box, to keep cold air out and warm air in during the ride.

Yes, a good visor or face shield is critical to visibility during a ride, but these practical issues go hand in hand with the look and feel of a great shield. For those with a taste for a hip look on the bike, a Retro-styled helmet is an absolute must. Round, open faced helmets are back, and they look as good as they did in the 50s and 60s. Luckily for those hip riders out there, The Helmet Man also offers snap-on face shields and snap-on visors to go with these very cool and very durable retro look helmets, to keep air and debris at bay during a ride.

What type of “retro” helmet should a rider choose? You can’t go wrong with the Bell Custom 500 helmet, first designed by Bell founder Roy Richter in 1954. This lightweight version of the classic original features a fiberglass layup with an EPS foam layer. With bold graphics and a narrow profile, this helmet is a true classic.

A working, high-quality helmet is a critical piece of equipment for a serious rider. Keep that helmet outfitted and in good shape with motorcycle helmet parts, from The Helmet Man!

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