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HJC Motorsports Helmets

HJC racing helmets have stood the test of time. The company has been manufacturing high-quality racing helmets since 1971, and has help building upon the innovation of generations past to create a reasonably priced line of helmets that provide comfortable, high-quality protection to racers all around the globe. Since 1992, HJC has maintained its status as the top helmet brand in America.

HJC’s racing helmets undergo extensive testing in both real-life and laboratory environments. This assures that every helmet is optimized for both quality and safety. HJC operates its own wind-tunnel testing laboratory to check for problems with ventilation, noise buffer, aerodynamics and more. HJC operates three major helmet factories in Korea, China and Vietnam, allowing the company to manufacture racing helmets for people all around the world.

Shop The Helmet Man

The Helmet Man offers a variety of HJC racing helmets for all of your possible needs. Our selection includes the HJC SI-12, the HJC HX-10 II, the HJC FI-10 and the HJC AR-10 II.  Like all HJC racing helmets, these new designs offer advanced aerodynamics, superior comfort and amazing technical capabilities. Some models have been worn by famous racers, but they are all priced to be affordable for the average consumer. As a company, HJC believes that consumers should never have to sacrifice their safety. Every racer needs a high-quality helmet that is affordable and comfortable. HJC produces helmets that are known to be some of the lightest of all Snell-2010 certified helmets available in the industry.

If you are looking for quality that can’t be matched elsewhere, look into HJC racing helmets. For affordable prices on all of your racing needs, shop at The Helmet Man.