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Auto/Kart Closeouts

Automotive racers know that there’s nothing better than the feeling of flying down the track at the speeds once considered unobtainable. The thrill of the race is sometimes nothing short of feeling super-human. But all real racers know that as super-human as one might feel while tearing up the track, the reality is that we’re not indestructible. That’s why safety should be the first priority before heading out to the track.

Enjoy the Thrill of the Race While Staying Safe

Since safety is such an important component of the racing experience, we believe that the proper equipment should be easily accessible for anyone looking to break into the automotive racing world. That’s why we offer our automotive helmet sale, where you can get the industry’s top equipment from leading brands, all at closeout prices you can afford.

Bringing You Unparalleled Value

This is one time you can ignore the old adage, “you get what you pay for.” At The Helmet Man, our automotive helmet sale gives you access to helmets of all types, including full face helmets, karting helmets, open face helmets and youth helmets, at up to 35% off their original price.

Take a look at the many options available to you through our automotive helmet sale for the best quality at a fraction of the price.

Full face helmets

Our selection of full face helmets will address your safety concerns, with many models not only covering basic safety needs, but also allowing for superior comfort and performance. For example, many of our closeout models typically offer larger eyeports in the case that the racer wears eyeglasses, a Venturi effect that creates an internal cooling system within the helmet for ultimate race day comfort, spoilers for the best in aerodynamic performance, lightweight shells, fire retardant finishes, and low fogging design.

Karting helmets

Pro karters know that there are specific safety and comfort needs associated with karting helmets. The Helmet Man offers closeout prices on top models with our automotive helmet sale, many of which include top of the line air intake systems, superior fits, carbon composite shells for a lightweight result and upper and lower chin bar vents. A selection of our closeout models provides formula style designs at prices that make them accessible to karters of all experience levels.

Open face helmets

The Helmet Man’s selection of closeout open face helmets gives racers access to a classic look, a traditional feel and a superior value compared with other helmet types. Many of these models will provide racers with world class ventilation systems, lightweight exteriors and advanced protection features.

Youth helmets

For our up and coming generation of pro racers to-be, The Helmet Man has the slightly smaller (but just as safe) versions of our classic automotive helmet models. Same safety features, same focus on comfort, same lightweight and aerodynamic design, just smaller proportions.

Check out our selection based on your functional needs or aesthetic preferences and find your perfect helmet today!