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Rodia Company History



Beijing Shenzhou Rodia Industry & Trade Co., Ltd (BSR) was established in 1993. BSR specializes in producing Formula 1 auto racing helmets, rally racing helmets, kart racing helmets, astronaut major equipments, pilot helmets, on-road and off-road motorcycle racing helmets. The helmet we produced with modern advanced technology in the line of aviation, space industry and bag-molded with high temperature, high pressure. So the helmet has advantages of light weight, high strength and stabilization of quality... We produce helmet shell with major material of Carbon (produced in Japan), Kevlar (produced in USA), Fiberglass (produced in China), Fire retardant PC for shield(produced in Germany) and high temperature bag-molding epoxy resin (produced in Taiwan).

As early as in 1995, our helmets passed the SNELL M-95 certification. Today, BSR helmets are honored with the certifications of SNELL M-95, SNELL K-98, SNELL M2000, SNELL SA2000, SNELL M2005, SNELL SA2005, SNELL M2010, SNELL SA2010, SNELL SAH2010, DOT standard, ECE standard, and FIA 8858-2010, etc. So far, there are 6 helmet models have been approved by SNELL SA2010 certification, 3 helmet models have been approved by FIA8858-2010 certification. BSR is the first helmet manufacturer in China which produces helmets with composite material and bag-molding craft in line with SNELL 2010 and FIA8858-2010 certification at present. Our helmets first achieved the goal of domestic of international top grade products in China. We guarantee that our helmets will be 100% in conformity with the above-mentioned International Security Standards.

Our helmets mainly export to European and North American Countries.

We provide ECE and DOT rated motorcycle helmets, SNELL and FIA rated auto racing helmets products development and manufacturing service for international famous brand owner and purchaser in OEM style.

Sunright International is one of the largest Importers and distributors of Motor Sport Helmets manufactured in China. Sunright acts as the OEM supplier to many of the largest Brands of Helmets in the US. Sunright also distributes a full line of helmets under the Rodia Brand ranging from DOT Certified Helmets for General use, Snell Certified Helmets for Motorcycles, and SA Certified Helmet for auto racing including NASCAR and IRL.

Rodia Helmets has received acclaim for introducing the highest quality helmets manufactured in China, the Innovative Modular Full Coverage Helmets with inner sun shield (duel lens modular) and some of the lightest weight helmets in the world in the new High Performance Carbon Fiber Composite Helmets.


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