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O'Neal Company History



For some of us, the day we learned to ride a bike is where it all began. It was the first day we really started to live. The freedom of steering your own course with the ability to move at faster speeds than ever, all while keeping balance on two wheels was simply euphoric. Riding is beyond that of just a sport. It is the ultimate feeling of freedom that takes us to new heights every time we throw our leg over that bike. In the late 1960s Jim O’Neal found himself at the forefront of the two-wheel movement. A local racer from LA County, Jim pushed himself on modified machines to race on the dirt across America. It wasn’t long before Jim realized the need for better equipment to battle against competitors, as well as the harsh conditions the rugged tracks and terrain brought forth. Thus, passion led to innovation and in 1970 O’NEAL USA was born. Building protective equipment, apparel, helmets and accessories soon became more than a company profile, but in fact, a life’s mission statement.

Simply put, when you build product with passion there is no compromise. At O’NEAL there are no cutting corners in production of protective equipment. The product development has been non-stop for 42 years and under no circumstance
is there going to be a cut back in quality this year, or any year, ever. Each O’NEAL product is still painstakingly designed and developed in Southern California just outside of LA using the finest in materials and craftsmanship.
Well over half a century after Jim found his passion for riding on two wheels, you can still find him racing 1,000 miles across Baja Mexico or at the local track. The euphoric feeling of freedom and speed never dies; it only gets better with every ride.

At O’NEAL head safety is critical, proper head protection is what it’s all about! We offer a full range of helmets comprised of state of the art materials and the latest in head protection technology. O’NEAL Helmets are offered in a range of the highest of safety standards which include DOT, SNELL 2010, ECE and Australia Standard. Keep your head in the hands of the experts and put your trust in the company that’s provided superior rider protection for over 4 decades!

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